Have you been asking yourself,

"How do I motivate my team in a healthy way?"

"How can we continue meeting our goals without burnout?"

"How am I going to get out of this financial mess and

keep my company together?"

Now you can learn how to raise up your company’s spirit

and build your way back to success!"

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The Corporate Program

The Journey To Enlightenment app is led by a master meditation teacher with deep experience in corporate culture. Elevate the emotional intelligence of your business to

its natural genius state.

The cost of stress and how meditation

can reduce it and then some.

When it comes to employee absenteeism, American companies payout $602 per employee each year. 60% of employee absences are traced to psychological problems due to job stress.


The American Institute on Stress has revealed that 18,000 or 36% of Aetna’s employees participated in yoga & meditation programs.


The result? Aetna’s double blind study showed a $3,000/year savings for employees who had high stress. ”Our meditation program had an ROI that could not be matched by any other investment.” -Mark Bertolini, Ex CEO & Chairman of Aetna.


The HappCo Mindfulness Journey is $360/year per employee. The savings are $2,000/year, conservatively, and the ROI is 5.5X!

What the HappCo Corporate Mindfulness Journey Provides


HappCo’s mobile app is easily scalable for any sized company.

The app downloads easily with video introductions that make its use almost self-explanatory.

The big differentiator is that each employee will have a dedicated coach. The coach guides the user and helps them to establish and maintain a healthy routine.

The HR officer will be provided with a detailed monthly report showing the level of engagement for each department.

HappCo will work with you to help increase the use of the HappCo progam in your organization.

The HappCo Journey To Enlightenment is accessible on any mobile device including tablets. App versions are available on iOS and android.

Download the HappCo App

app icons-01.png
app icons-02.png