Dr. Zach's book, Embracing Your Higher Self: A Guide To Enlightenment, delves into the five pillars of the Higher Self, which are love, compassion, joy, inner peace, and intuitive wisdom. Readers will explore each pillar with Dr. Zach and learn how they all work together in concert to form who we really are at our core.

“I am able to maintain inner peace, understand situations better, and come to a greater solution... The most beautiful thing about all of this is that it is a journey towards better self-understanding and achieving worldly wisdom." -HappCo Student


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Dr. Zach's book,

Embracing Your Higher Self: 
A Guide To Enlightenment

teaches the essential meditation and mindfulness skills required to achieve enlightenment.

The book provides an 

oversite on what enlightenment is and

how to achieve this previously thought unachievable goal. 

The book is quite informative in touching upon the tactics and strategies that were used in designing HappCo's meditation program. It's excellent as a standalone, and even better as a companion guide to the mobile app. It also covers the topics of emotional intelligence and mindfulness, and explains how meditators can use the app to improve their own.

Your overall meditative experience will be enhanced by the book's cognitive exploration of what enlightenment is and how you can achieve it. Happy reading!

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