Be Enlightened - A Practical Guide

Learning essential skills required to save our planet

Dr. Zach's book, Be Enlightened, is a companion guide to the mobile app, the Journey To Enlightenment ("JTE"). The JTE'meditative experience is supplemented by this book's cognitive exploration of what enlightenment is and how to achieve it. The book is quite informative in touching upon the tactics and strategies that are used in designing the JTE. On the journey to achieving enlightenment, one discovers that the Higher Self is comprised of five basic pillars. These pillars are love, compassion, joy, inner peace, and intuitive wisdom. The book delves into each pillar explaining how they all work together in concert to form who we really are at our core. Be Enlightened also covers the topics of emotional intelligence and explains how the JTE helps the meditator increase their emotional intelligence. Finally, the book concludes by showing how promoting meditation can help transform the workforce of any company to improve engagement, collaboration, creativity, health, and productivity.

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Dr. Zach's book,

Be Enlightened ; A Practical Guide

Learning essential skills required to save our planet

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