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Be Enlightened - The Key To A Better LIfe

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Hi everyone, I'm Dr. Zach and I'm here to share my knowledge and experience with you about meditation and spirituality. After many years of trying to make sense of my spiritual journey and experimenting with many approaches to affecting personal transformation, I decided to commit myself to create a library of guided meditations calledThe Journey To Enlightenment, that is designed to last a lifetime combined with its companion book, Be Enlightened, as a practical guide to achieving enlightenment. The book and app is a culmination of my life experiences and collective intuitive wisdoms which have resulted, to my great delight, in people who take the Journey To Enlightenment experiencing enlightenment - this is for real!

Being in clinical practice as an optometrist for ten years, then transitioning to become a healthcare venture capitalist for many years, I helped start and grow over twenty early stage healthcare companies. Changing direction again, I returned getting back to traveling along on my spiritual journey. It all started when I was nineteen, that I had a life-changing experience that exposed me to the oneness of reality and that we all have a true nature that is based upon love not fear. My main focus in life is on helping people connect with their true nature - what I like to call their Higher-Self. My work is motivating people to make that leap to a new life, a better life; one filled with love, compassion, joy, inner peace and intuitive wisdom.

The spirit is so near that you can’t see it! But reach for it… don’t be a jar, full of water, whose rim is always dry. Don’t be the rider who gallops all night and never sees the horse that is beneath him.
Rumi - 13th century Persian poet

To share my philosophy with as many people as possible, I compiled my experience, talks and contemplations into a practical guide for meditation entitled, Be Enlightened.

Main points of the book:

  • Our Higher Self is based upon love and the ego-mind, which is based upon fear, is an illusion that significantly reduces the quality of our lives.

  • There are five basic pillars that comprise the Higher Self: love, compassion, joy, inner peace, and intuitive wisdom.

  • Enlightenment is defined when an individual is able to experience their Higher Self for most of the day.

  • We all have the ability through meditation to change the wiring of our minds to help make our lives significantly better.

  • Practicing mindfulness in business can be transformative by significantly improve a company's performance.

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"This is the journey I want to be on for the rest of my life"
Judi Cohen

If you want to see how the Journey To Enlightenment experience impacted Judi's life, see the short video below.

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