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Dr. Zach Does Coaching

The HMJ is a unique guided meditation program comprised of over 200 meditations.

In addition to Dr. Zach's work as a teacher of meditation, he also does executive coaching as well as personal self-development coaching. 

Dr. Zach will work with you to provide a creative transformative coaching

experience, and if you desire to combine meditation with our coaching experience, he would love to add that to our coaching agreement.

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Any type of coaching needs to primarily focus on the WHO and secondarily on the WHAT factors that  challenges the coachee. The most effective way for the coachee to connect with their core being is through meditation. Combining traditional coaching with meditation is the most effective approach to transformation.

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the perfect blend of meditation, mindfulness and spirituality

In life we are surrounded by uncertainty and struggle. 

Now you can learn how to calm yourself by doing your inner

work. You'll find yourself much more capable to face

each day with confidence and composure.

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Reach out to Dr. Zach with a question

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