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“Hi and welcome to HappCo’s website and thanks for coming. I am Dr. Zachary Berk, also known as Dr. Zach. I am your official guide who will be taking you on the Journey To Enlightenment. If you here because you want your company to become a more positive and creative workplace that needs more nurture, trust and safety, where people feel comfortable taking risks - then also stay with me.   People say I have my feet on the ground, my head in the clouds and my heart wide open. Why is that? Because there are two distinct trends that flow through my life. On the business side which has helped keep my feet on the ground, I was an eye doctor for ten years and then a healthcare venture capitalist for over thirty years. I helped start and run over twenty-five early stage pharma, service, device and biotech companies. I even started an insurance company. In fact, I was the key architect to the Healthcare Savings Accounts (HSAs) which are now generating over $100 billion per year in revenue. So I know business. On the spiritual side of the equation, as a college student, I had an epiphany that allowed me to experience my Higher Self and become so compassionate for the well-being of other people. This lead me on a life-long journey discovering what key ingredients were missing that I might discover to help make this a much better world. What I concluded is that a properly designed life-long meditative practice is essential to living life to the fullest and then discovering that the business world could also benefit greatly by supporting their people to cultivate a meditative practice. And that is what motivated me to create HappCo, the company, then the meditative app, the Journey To Enlightenment and its companion book, Be Enlghtened - A Practical Guide; Learning essential skills required to save our planet.

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“Come join me as I guide you along on an amazing journey

discovering your true self and you may achieve enlightenment. Your life will be changed and

if you engage your company employees to participate, they will benefit greatly as well.”