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Meet dr. zach

People always say Dr. Zach has his feet on the ground, head in the clouds and his heart wide open. Why is that? Because he's dedicated his entire life to helping others, in business, physically and spiritually.

In business he was an eye doctor for over a decade and then a healthcare venture capitalist for over thirty years. Zach's helped start and run over twenty-five early stage pharmaceutical, service, device and biotech companies.

He even started an insurance company and was the key architect to the Healthcare Savings Account (HSA), which is now generating over $100 billion per year in revenue!


On the spiritual side of the equation, as a college student, Zach experienced a breakthrough which allowed him to connect with his Higher Self. Then like a bolt of lightning, his ego-mind and all its negative symptoms like anger, anxiety, depression and doubt were erased and replaced with love, compassion, joy, inner peace and intuitive wisdom. Enlightenment! 


From this moment, Zach began a compassionate, life-long journey to study and teach others how to achieve enlightenment. This is what motivated Dr. Zach to create HappCo, the company, the guided meditation app (HMJ) and its companion book, "Embracing Your Higher Self: A Practical Guide To Enlightenment."

HappCo Members agree that a properly designed, life-long meditative practice is absolutely essential to living life to the fullest. Download now to begin your journey and transform your life for the better.

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