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the happco business journey


The HappCo Business Journey (HBJ) helps leaders improve their emotional intelligence and conflict resolution skills, while also giving employees a platform to manage their stress and build mental resilience.

The program is led by a master meditation teacher with over thirty years of experience in corporate culture.


It's the only employee conflict resolution and wellness platform that combines science-backed mindfulness practices with a meditative program for the workplace.

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"I was on the HappCo Meditation Journey for two years. It had a transformational effect on me. It started with me accepting my supervisor's approach and consequently improved our relationship.  It continued with my analyzing capability, which led to solving some tough challenges encountered during a manufacturing process I was developing.  But most of all, it had the effect of increasing my self-love with a pivotal change in my physical health. My blood pressure normalized, no longer needing medication, I dropped 70 pounds, and began a journey into health and longevity.
                                                                                                               Gerry G.
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the cost of stress and how meditation reduces it

When it comes to employee absenteeism, American companies payout $602 per employee each year.


The American Institute on Stress has revealed that 18,000 or 36% of Aetna’s employees participated in yoga & meditation programs.


The result? Aetna’s double blind study showed a substantial $3,000/year savings for employees who had high stress.


”Our meditation program had an ROI that could not be matched by any other investment.” -Mark Bertolini, Ex CEO & Chairman of Aetna

the tools your team needs to succeed

60% of employee absences are due to job stress. Often times this stress comes from the inability to effectively communicate with leadership or teammates.


Since Covid-19 began, the anxieties and stressors at home have carried over to the workplace. Without a positive way to manage them, like practicing mindfulness and meditation, many employees face burnout and other psychological problems.

The HappCo Business Journey gives both leadership and employees the tools to develop better communication and improve mental resilience.

for small and large businesses

The mobile app is easily scalable for any sized company.

Dedicated Coaches

Each employee will receive a dedicated coach that helps them maintain a healthy routine.

detailed reporting

Receive full reporting on department and employee engagement levels.

quick onboarding

We'll partner with HR for a smooth rollout. Initial demonstration, launch and enrollment resources are provided.

continuous support

HappCo will work with you to help increase the use of the program in your workplace.

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