Have you been looking in the

mirror asking yourself,

"How am I going to be able to maintain a sense of calm and wellbeing

surrounded by such uncertainty and struggle?"

Now you can learn how to settle yourself, do your inner

work and find yourself much more capable to face

each day with equanimity.


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Personal Self-Development Journey

Have you ever had a desire to 

achieve enlightenment?

Are you feeling so stressed

that you can hardly

think straight?

Are you so hard on yourself that

your sense of self-worth is

being challenged?

Download the HappCo App

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By going on the HappCo Mindful Journey, it will help you discover your true or higher self which is comprised of love, compassion, joy, inner peace and intuitive wisdom. Dr. Berk’s objective is to help you break you out of your fear-based sense of self and connect you with your higher self and to achieve enlightenment. 


This might be your ultimate objective in life. HappCo’s lifelong journey is a unique program where each meditation session is different which keeps your experience fresh and inviting which also includes coaching (highly recommended) or without coaching. Coaching will help you maintaining a lifelong habit.  A lifelong mindfulness practice is what you want to establish because keeping your mind in shape is no different than keeping your body in shape. By having a coach will significantly increase the probability that you will maintain your practice for the long-term.