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Dr. Zach is on a mission to help you break out of your fear-based sense of self, also known as the ego-mind, and connect you with your Higher Self in order to achieve enlightenment and live a more joyous life.

When you download HappCo's mobile app, known as the "HappCo Meditation Journey: Guided by Dr. Zach" you'll be on your way to discovering your true, Higher Self. Your Higher Self is comprised of love, compassion, joy, inner peace and intuitive wisdom.

The HMJ is a unique guided meditation program comprised of over 200 meditations. Each meditation session is different by keeping your experiences fresh and inviting. After a few guided meditations with Dr. Zach, Enlightenment may easily become your ultimate objective in life.

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"Each series is so large and unto itself. It's so magnificent! Each series is an absolute beautiful gift."
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the perfect blend of meditation, mindfulness and spirituality

In life we are surrounded by uncertainty and struggle. 

Now you can learn how to calm yourself by doing your inner

work. You'll find yourself much more capable to face

each day with confidence and composure.

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