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About Us

our Journey to enlightenment

HappCo was founded 10 years ago by Dr. Zachary Berk. Dr. Zach worked diligently for the past 7 years developing mobile apps for HappCo's personal and business meditation programs. Combined, they total 400 meditations and over 150 hours. The meditations are evenly split between the personal self-development (consumer) and business versions of the app.

HappCo's guided meditation programs focus upon developing the ability and skills to embrace one's Higher Self and minimize the involvement of the ego-mind, in order to live a more fulfilling and joyous life.


To build a robust organization of people who are passionate about raising the level of emotional and spiritual intelligence of the human community which is struggling.

Dr. Zach makes the claim that a form of enlightenment can be achieved by being a consistent meditator and going on the HappCo Meditation Journey. His definition of enlightenment is being able to connect with your true, Higher Self and maintain the alpha state of mind, not just while meditating, but for most of the day.


What makes HappCo’s meditation programs so unique is that they're a comprehensive, spiritually-guided journey to enlightenment that utilize an app-based platform and companion guide (book).

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