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happco meditation journey: guided by dr. zach

Get ready to embark on a spiritual journey of guided meditations, led by a master in mindfulness and meditation, Dr. Zach! A meditative practice is essential to living life to the fullest. That's why the HappCo Meditation Journey is for everyone!

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Over 200 Guided Meditations


Certified, Personal Meditation Coaches

When we do almost any type of meditation, we experience a taste of enlightenment as we go into the alpha state. This however, is only temporary.

That's why we designed the HMJ in such a way that mind, body and soul are continuously nurtured. As you progress through the meditative program, you'll develop the skills to connect with your Higher Self.


With practice, you'll be able to maintain this connection as you go about the rest of your day, also known as full blown enlightenment!