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lets find your sparkle!

Your sparkle is your unique essence. It's what makes you, YOU!

I hold space for you to ignite your authentic sparkle through a magical mix of science, spirituality and strategy in the workplace and beyond. My specialty is helping you bring your creative ideas to life and connect with your internal world by guiding you to discover what you want to do and how to get there.


Growing up in San Francisco in a family with French, Armenian and Algerian heritage, I experienced the importance of human connection and mindfulness through language, culture and flavorful cuisine. As I grew up immersed in blended cultures and languages, I quickly became aware that humans are incredibly complex and multi-faceted, and our pathways to enlightenment are equally unique. 


I first developed my own mindfulness practice in high school, where we meditated together as a class every morning. To further my studies, I majored in East Asian Languages and Culture at the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, I'm pursuing my master's in Applied Psychology (with a focus on mindfulness in the workplace) at USC, which I blend with my training in Intuition Medicine and Human Design to fully support corporate teams, executives and individual clients.


Professionally, I work in leadership advisory services to coach and develop senior leaders to make workplaces better for all. I hope to continue making space for intuition, spirituality and enlightenment within the workplace, so that everyone feels safe to bring their full selves to work. 


Fun, curiosity and authenticity are several core values that run throughout my personal and professional endeavors. I approach everything I do with a beginner's mindset, believe in having fun along the way and love celebrating what makes each of us special.


What excites me most about working as a HappCoach is the ability to help YOU develop a mindfulness and meditation practice that supports your full spirit, develop your own definition of spirituality and become more connected to your internal world.

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