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How Meditation for Sleep Can Help You Enjoy Life

Updated: May 12, 2022

Americans are sleep deprived. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of Americans are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. While a rough night here or there is common for anyone, chronic sleep deprivation is driven by sleep disorders, poor sleep hygiene, stress, pain, anxiety and more. Some factors are within your control (turn off Netflix and go to sleep). Other factors are not (such as having a newborn). No matter your circumstances, when you are ready for a good rest, you can choose to meditate to sleep.

What is mediation?

Mediation trains the mind to be calmer, quieter and to focus on mindfulness. While in the state of mediation, one’s mind becomes clearer and the intuition sharpens. This sheds light on solving issues that could be keeping you from sleeping, and prepares the mind and body for a better rest.

There are many ways to meditate. Some people choose to sit quietly in nature. Some light candles and meditate in the bathtub. A great way to meditate anywhere, anytime is to use a guided mediation app such as what we offer here at HappCo. Dr. Zach, the founder of HappCo, has dedicated his life to helping people just like you use guided meditation to better their life. Meditate to sleep with HappCo and improve your rest, and your waking hours.

How does sleep deprivation affect your life?

You may not think you need to meditate to sleep, but ask yourself, do you experience:

• Poor memory

• Trouble concentrating

• Minor, avoidable injuries

• Weight gain

• Pre-diabetes

• Low sex drive

• Lack of balance

• “Fuzzy” brain

• Short temper

Being sleep deprived has a tangible impact on every aspect of our lives, mentally and physically. You may not think sleep is the culprit and be blaming all this on a busy, stressful lifestyle; but, when you meditate to sleep you can see a huge improvement in the factors above, and more!

How to meditate to sleep with HappCo

It couldn’t be easier to improve your wellbeing when you choose to meditate to sleep. Simply download the HappCo app and choose a subscription. If you provide your email and name on the HappCo website, you can get 50% off any subscription. Once subscribed you have access to more than 200 guided meditations created by a medical professional that has your best health in mind. Choose the meditations that resonate with you and drift off to the best sleep of your life.

Here at HappCo we know that some aspects of life are hard to fix. You can’t release job stress if every day on the job is stressful. You can’t simply tell a newborn to sleep through the night. But you can and should meditate to sleep. It is the cost-effective solution that works so you can get the rest you need and have better days with more alertness and clarity. Contact HappCo for more information.

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