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Why is Mindful Meditation Gaining So Much Popularity?

According to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America™ 2020 report, 65% of adults say the uncertainly in the nation is stressing them out. A further 60% of respondents find that stress overwhelming. Americans have plenty to be stressed about, citing the pandemic, school shootings, climate change, assault/violence, and health care as just some of the many factors driving this crisis. So, what do mindful mediations have to do with all of this?

The role of mediation in stress

The going logic would be to remove the factors that cause stress, but that is simply not logical. One person alone cannot stop school shootings or turn off the COVID cases or provide more access to healthcare. So, when you cannot step away from stressors, how can you cope? You can train your own mind to go to a safe place. You can retreat in healthy ways anywhere, anytime through mindful meditations.

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness is living in and accepting the moment as it is. We often associate this with “happy feelings” (positive vibes only, anyone?) but this is not the case, nor is it healthy. Bad things happen. Sad things happen. We must sit with those feelings and express them in healthy ways. Mindful meditations guide us through feelings, be they joyful or not, and help us accept what is without judgment and with clarity.

For example, being mindful in the moment can lead to better eating. If you realize you are stress eating, you can choose to go for a walk. Mindfulness when learning of the death of a loved one can bring you a measure of peace. You don’t refuse to accept the situation even though it brings you pain. With this clarity you can find ways to move forward.

Why is this movement growing?

A variety of factors are pushing American stress levels to the brink, as indicated above. Yet, the average American cannot take time off work to go to a yoga retreat in the mountains and not every American can afford the time or costs of therapy. What anyone can do, however, is mediate.

Meditation is free, or very low cost when you use a guided mediation app. It has proven health benefits including the lowering of stress and better sleep. Since the barriers to entry are low for this accessible, beneficial, medically proven self-care method; and since it works so well to reduce stress and help people cope with life, more and more are embracing mindful mediations as the empowering way to move forward.

Start meditating today

HappCo is pleased to provide subscriptions for app-based mindful mediations that are created by a doctor with years of experience. At HappCo we know that taking charge of your health can lead to better outcomes. Mindful mediations are the cost-effective way to get a handle on your stress and to start living life with more clarity and purpose. Contact us to know more.

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