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Meditate in the Morning: How to Breathe and Meditate as You Start Each DaY

We have all heard about the importance of mindfulness. It sounds simple but achieving a level of calm and clarity can be difficult. In order to achieve a happier and healthier mind, body and soul, many people turn to meditation to help them. Specifically, many people will meditate in the morning in order to start the day on a positive note.

What is Meditation?

Meditation, which is a practice that is common in cultures all over the world and throughout human history, is meant to help people focus their minds in order to find mental clarity and stability. Meditation is often associated with eastern religions, but it is not necessarily so. Anyone who desires to calm the mind and focus thoughts can practice meditation.

There are many different ways that people meditate. Some of these include chanting mantras, using prayer beads, and listening to guided narratives. There are even methods of meditating that include movement like walking, dancing, or even gardening. The ultimate goal of meditation is to clear the mind of all thought and to simply be. Some people refer to this as achieving enlightenment.

Meditation is believed to have many positive benefits. Some of these include lower stress hormones, lowered heart rate, and a decline in blood pressure. Many people use meditation to help with the depression, stress, and anxiety that they experience in their daily lives. Whether they meditate in the morning, before bed, or only when they feel the need, people around the world use this practice to achieve healthier minds and bodies.

How to Breathe and Meditate in the Morning to Start the Day Off Right

While meditating at any point in the day can be beneficial, there are specific reasons why some people choose to meditate in the morning. Starting the day with a clear mind can help you to feel more optimistic, better motivated, and excited for what is to come.

There are a few things that you should remember when you meditate in the morning, including:

1) Find a quiet time and place where you can practice your meditation without disruption.

2) Don’t eat breakfast until after you have meditated.

3) Consider beginning your meditation with some simple stretches that wake up your body.

4) Pay special attention to your breathing when you meditate in the morning. Deep, mindful breathing helps your mind and body to focus.

5) Guided meditations work well, especially if you are not experienced or are out of practice.

6) Give yourself a few minutes after you meditate in the morning before you have to join in on the morning rush.

If you follow these simple suggestions when you meditate in the morning, you will find that your practice may become more comfortable and beneficial.

Finding Support in Your Meditation Practice

One of the best ways to get most of the time that you meditate in the morning is by using a guided meditation program like HappCo Meditation Journey. We have put together a unique program of over 200 guided meditations that are designed to help you develop a life-long meditation habit. Contact us for more information.

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