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If You Spend Too Much Time Indoors

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

In the midst of the pandemic reaching such historic highs, the fear of going outside in public calls for caution and proper planning. However, staying indoors consistently can have its own downsides. There are four major things one should think about when considering going outside once in a while, even if you do not have to.

If you're spending too much time inside, you could start to exacerbate Seasonal Affective Disorder. Here is why that happens.... Of course, we all experience the ordinary cabin-fever, then there is the more impactful SAD, which stands for seasonal affective disorder which causes depression primarily due to the shortening of daylight during the winter, and the lack of vitamin D deficiency from a lack of sunlight which has its own particular set of negative side effects.

If you're spending too much time inside, you could start to lose the ability to connect with others. Here is why that happens.... One effect that is not talked about as much which has its own negative symptoms is not connecting with other living things including people, animals or plants in a non-virtual way. If you live in a house or an apartment without any pets or house plants and you are living alone, you are totally devoid of any direct contact with significant life forms that can lift your spirits. That is why a few brief strolls in a park each week, when the sun is shining, can alleviate the negative effects the above common conditions can cause.

If you're spending too much time inside, you could start to have spiritual consequences. Here is why that happens.... being outside surrounded by grass, bushes and trees (even if they are devoid of leaves) actually does lift our spirits because our spiritual energies are stimulated when we are directly with and surrounded by other life forms and under the sky allow our spirits to soar. Doing outdoor meditations where you can see other people can help increase the feeling of the power of love; connection through compassion; and experience the joy that creates a gentle vibration that brings energy and vibrancy throughout your body. The peace, which provides a calm within transmits a feeling of wellness. And the wisdom which creates a feeling of mastery and insights that serve up to you problem solving capabilities. It is all so empowering and available to you anytime you demand it.

If you're spending too much time inside, you could start to have immune system problems. Here is why that happens.... Aside from being exposed to various things that your body can develop immunity to, psychologically being outside makes us feel good and super charges our immune systems and helps our bodies fend off disease.

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